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School Planning Council

School councils are advisory bodies and will provide advice to the school principal and, where appropriate, to the school board on any of the matters that the council identifies as a priority. These may include, but are not limited to:
Development, implementation and review of the school plan for continuous progress through involvement in matters such as:
  • ​School code of behaviour
  • Curriculum and program goals and priorities
  • Responding to standardized assessments
  • School budget priorities and allocations
  • School homework policies
  • Dress code
  • Head lice


Support for school, family and community partnerships that assist parents in the education of their children through involvement in matters such as:

  • School based services and community partnerships related to social, health, recreation and nutrition programs
  • Local coordination of services for children and youth
  • Local school/community communications strategies

Other matters that an individual school council may consider important, such as:​

  • Local school year calendar
  • Extra-curricular activities in the school
  • Development, implementation and review of board policies at the local level
  • Local capital improvement plans
  • Methods of reporting to parents and the community
  • Field trip practices
  • Local school safety procedures
  • Community use of school facilities