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Lots of Happenings the Last Week of School

Virtual Year end Assemblies will be held on Tuesday and Thursday this week at 9:30. You are invited to attend (choose the day your child would attend school for the right assembly) Please follow the link below. Grade 6 Graduation Drive By! If your child is graduating Grade 6 please join in the drive by at the school Between 12:30 and 1:30 on Thursday at the school and receive well wishes from the teachers and staff.( for info please contact your teacher if they haven't reached out to you yet). Wednesday June 24 is our Welcome to Kindergarten gathering at 1:00 PM at the school. Find the Fire Truck if your child is attending kindergarten in the fall.
Thank you all and have a GREAT Summer! We look forward to seeing you all in September. Mr Gauthier and the Staff at Evelyn Dickson
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